IGBO Conferences

To really want to find out what IGBO is all about, attend an IGBO Conference! Twice annually conferences are hosted where the IGBO Board, Committees and Representatives gather gather to conduct IGBO business.  All IGBO League Bowlers and Associate Members are invited to be part of the semi-annual events.  During each conference, a bowling tournament is also hosted, some with over 500 participants.

Check out an upcoming conference where host cities choose to add special activities like new member socials, coaching clinics, bowling ball matchmaker events, AIDS quilt viewings and more to round out a fun-filled conference week.


IGBO itself only operates two tournaments each year: the Annual tournament, and the Mid-Year tournament. Local committees from around the globe bid to host these week-long events.

The Annual tournament is always held in May during the week preceding the United States Memorial Day holiday. The Mid-Year tournament is generally held during the week of the United States Veterans Day holiday, in November. In 2002, the Mid-Year event took place a little earlier – the last week in October in Auckland, New Zealand – to coincide with Gay Games 2002, that were held in Sydney in early November.

In addition to the tournament, IGBO conducts several days of Board Meetings, and it’s General Membership Meeting during the Annual and/or Mid-Year event.

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