How To Join IGBO?

Individuals have two primary avenues to become a member of the International Gay Bowling Organization.

Bowl in an IGBO League

Leagues renew their memberships with IGBO on an annual basis.  By bowling in an IGBO league, you are a member of IGBO and may take advantage of the IGBO Member Benefits.

IGBO Membership (League/Tournament)Want to start a new IGBO league or have your existing league join?  Our Regional Directors in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany are happy to assist any league complete the league registration process to join IGBO.  Please contact the Regional Director in your area for more information.

IGBO is also looking to expand its regions. If you have a gay/lesbian bowling league/organization or want to host a gay/lesbian bowling tournament in countries outside the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, please contact the IGBO Secretary for many membership options.

Join as in Individual

Individual Membership (Associate)Individuals interested in joining IGBO may complete an Associate Membership Form.  Associate members are voted into IGBO Membership annually at the IGBO Mid-Year Conference.  Associate members gain full IGBO member benefits such as participating in IGBO tournaments.  An annual membership fee of $25 (USD/CAN) is required and renewable each year.

To join as an individual, complete the Associate Membership application from the IGBO Library.

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