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In the IGBO Online Library, you can access the forms and documents for the operations of IGBO and member resources. Every attempt is made to keep this library up to date, but should you find any outdated information on a document you need, please contact the IGBO Secretary and an updated document will be sent to you.


Form for 300 Game, 800 Series Achievement Awards300 / 800 Award Application
IGBO Representatives and/or Regional Directors should use this form to apply for a special award when a member of an IGBO league, an Associate or a Lifetime Associate bowls a 300 game or 800+ series during their participation in an IGBO League or Tournament in the current IGBO fiscal year.

Membership Flyer RequestIGBO League Signup Poster Request Form
This IGBO Poster Request is available for leagues to request free IGBO posters. For questions, contact membership@igbo.org. New poster designs are currently being considered.

Bylaws/P&P Change Request
Use this form to propose changes to IGBO’s Bylaws and Policies & Procedures. To be considered at the next IGBO Annual or Mid-Year conference, the request must be received by the committee at least 120 days prior to the scheduled General Membership Meeting. For additional information or assistance contact Bylaws@IGBO.org.
View Form

Fellowship Award Nomination Form
Use this form to submit your nomination of a fellow IGBO member for the Fellowship Award. Please be specific and give as much information as possible to describe why the nominee is deserving of IGBO’s highest honor. For Fellowship Awards to be presented at our IGBO Annual, you must submit your nominations no later than November 30.
IGBO Fellowship Award Nomination Form

IGBO STORM Program AgreementStorm Sponsorship Participation Form
Tournaments should use this agreement form to accept Storm Products, Inc., as the sole and exclusive bowling ball, bag, polish/cleaner, and accessory sponsor of your tournament event. Note: This agreement form must be completed annually. For program information and assistance, contact the Storm/IGBO Program Director.

IGBO Membership (League/Tournament)IGBO Membership Application – Leagues/Tournaments
Leagues and Tournaments should use this form to apply for IGBO membership. This form must be submitted annually.

Use the following worksheet to collect all the necessary information prior to completing your online request for membership. (View Worksheet)

Individual Membership (Associate)IGBO Membership Application – New/Renewing Associate
Bowlers should use this form to apply for IGBO Associate membership or renew an existing Associate membership. Associate Membership is extended to individuals who then receive all of the benefits of IGBO (copies of the Newsletter, tournament participation, etc.), except voting rights. Voting rights are reserved to member Leagues and Tournaments. This form must be submitted annually. Download Printable Mail-In Form

Expense Reimbursement Request Form
Submit this form to our IGBO treasurer to receive reimbursement for approved IGBO organization expenses. In accordance with IRS regulations, receipts must accompany all claims in excess of $25.00.

IGBO Member Handbook

This handbook is provided to each IGBO representative for his or her benefit. It should be passed on to your successor to provide him or her a valuable indoctrination into IGBO and especially to help him or her understand the individual responsibilities of each IGBO representative.


Name Available Formats
Tournament Average Tracking
This spreadsheet helps you, the bowler, track your tournament averages based on USBC Rule 319. Use this tool to report averages when registering for various tournaments throughout the year.
TAD – Reporting Instructions
This document instructs tournament statisticians on how to report to IGBO Tournament Average Database (TAD) administrators scratch pinfall for all bowlers and all events, including scratch masters events as well as awards. This information can take a number of formats and should be accompanied by bowler information.

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