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New League and Tournament Applications Online

League Membership ApplicationAll leagues and tournaments interested in joining the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO) will now be required to submit their applications for membership electronically through the IGBO website.  Links to membership applications are available in the IGBO Library.

Making the move to online applications for membership was one of the goals of IGBO’s Online Committee for the 2013-14 year.  Brian McCollum, chair of IGBO’s Online Committee, feels that placing the forms online for completion will “help recruitment of members in countries outside of the United States of America, where IGBO is headquartered.”

Tournament Member ApplicationMcCollum highly recommends any league or tournament  filling out the application for the first time to use the printable worksheets available for download in the IGBO Library.

With the release of the online membership forms, IGBO has begun renewing members for the 2013-14 membership year.  Existing IGBO member leagues and tournaments should follow guidelines provided by the IGBO Secretary and their regional director to complete the membership renewal process for 2013-14.

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IGBO Summer Mail-In Tournament

Summer Mail-In Tournament

Entry FormThe 2013 Summer Mail-In Tournament runs Sunday, July 7, 2013 through Saturday, July 27, 2013 and serve as a fundraiser to benefit the IGBO Mid-Year Conference and Tournament XXXIII in Dallas, Texas.

Mail-In Tournament Rules:

  1. The tournament is open to any bowler from any IGBO member league and IGBO Associate Members.
  2. The tournament dates shall be July 7, 2013 through July 27, 2013. Each league shall select a consecutive 2-week period, beginning on a Sunday for the tournament.
  3. Payment of entry fee must be received by the League Secretary or IGBO Representative prior to the start of bowling. Payment covers both weeks of the tournament. Bowlers who bowl on more than one IGBO Member league must enter separately for each league.
  4. Scores used shall be those bowled during regular league competition during the stated period of the tournament. The bowler’s highest 3-game series shall be used in the tournament per league.  If a bowler is absent during league play during tournament, their series shall be zero.
  5. Entering average to be used shall be the bowler’s average as of April 15, 2013 (minimum of 21 games required) on the league from which the bowler is entering. A signed and dated copy of the League Standing sheet reflecting the appropriate average information MUST accompany the entries from the league. If current average is not valid, prior season highest book average (minimun 21 games) may be used.
  6. Handicap percentage shall be 90% of a scratch score of 225. No Negative handicap shall be applied.
  7. For leagues which bowl more than a three game series, ONLY the first three games per night shall count toward tournament entry.
  8. The League Secretary shall verify and post the scratch scores for each scratch game and series and complete the verification section of the entry.
  9. Payout ratio shall be 1 for each 8 entries. Entrants may cash only once from each league through which they are entered in the tournament.
  10. League submissions of entries and accompanying fees must be postmarked by August 1, 2013.

Entry Fee:

$10 (US) , $10 (CAN), $9 (AUS), $8 (NZ)
(Conversion rates as of 6/24/13 as per Federal Reserve Bank)

For IGBO Representatives

Please photocopy the entry form and distribute to your league members. It is the IGBO Rep’s responsibility to collect entry fees and statistic sheet(s) from your league secretary for average verification as of 4/15/2013.  This must be submitted with entry forms.

As an IGBO Rep incentive, for every league that submits 25 or more entries from their league, both the IGBO Representative and the League Secretary may enter for free! IGBO appreciates every effort on your part as the IGBO representative to not only support the mail-in tournament but to also use this as a tool to promote IGBO and make it visible to your local league members.

Please return Entry Forms, Average Verficiation and Check payable to IGBO by August 1, 2013 to:
IGBO, c/o Bryan Hoff, 227 Romain Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

IGBO STORM Bowling Ball

STORM IGBO SPARE BALLSTORM and IGBO have partnered to produce the Special Edition IGBO / Storm Spare Ball.  This ball is available in weights from 12-16 lbs and is specially priced for IGBO Bowlers at $65 each.

This ball makes a great gift for new bowlers, giveaway for IGBO leagues and tournament or a trusty spare ball for any avid bowler.

How to Order

To order this special edition ball, download the IGBO Storm Logo Ball order form and submit it to