IGBO Tournaments

To really want to find out what IGBO is all about, attend an IGBO Tournament! Tournaments take bowling to an entirely new level! It’s not unusual for a tournament to have a festive theme (like ‘the Wizard of Oz’ or ‘a Weekend at Bootcamp’) or to run a hospitality suite for three days round-the-clock!

Regardless, when you participate in an IGBO Tournament, you’ll soon discover that there is a lot more to IGBO than just bowling! Check out the tournament listings – there’s probably an event going on close to where you live.


IGBO itself only operates two tournaments each year: the Annual tournament, and the Mid-Year tournament. Local committees from around the globe bid to host these week-long events.

The Annual tournament is always held in May during the week preceding the United States Memorial Day holiday. The Mid-Year tournament is generally held during the week of the United States Veterans Day holiday, in November. In 2002, the Mid-Year event took place a little earlier – the last week in October in Auckland, New Zealand – to coincide with Gay Games 2002, that were held in Sydney in early November.

In addition to the tournament, IGBO conducts several days of Board Meetings, and it’s General Membership Meeting during the Annual and/or Mid-Year event.


Currently, IGBO has over 50 member tournaments, with events taking place throughout the United States and Canada. With the exception of December, there is an IGBO member tournament taking place somewhere in North America almost every weekend during the year!

For the most part, IGBO Member Tournaments take place over a weekend, and consist of 3 bowling events: Singles, Doubles and Team. In addition to various social fellowship opportunities throughout the weekend, most member tournaments conclude with a Banquet and Awards Presentation.

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