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Across the world, IGBO Member Tournaments are held by local committees nearly each weekend. To really want to find out what IGBO is all about, attend an IGBO Tournament! Tournaments take bowling to an entirely new level! It’s not unusual for a tournament to have a festive theme (like ‘the Wizard of Oz’ or ‘a Weekend at Bootcamp’) or to run a hospitality suite for three days round-the-clock!

Regardless, when you participate in an IGBO Tournament, you’ll soon discover that there is a lot more to IGBO than just bowling! Experiencing an IGBO member tournament is also one of the best ways to understand how IGBO celebrates it’s values Unity, Fellowship and Communication.  Use the form below to search for IGBO Member Tournaments.

Twice a year, IGBO hosts a conference and tournament in tandem to gather representatives from all IGBO leagues and tournaments.

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