Mail-In Tournaments

The IGBO Fundraising Committee hosts three Best 3 of 6 virtual mail-in tournaments throughout the year that allow IGBO members to Bowl Locally and Compete Internationally during their regularly scheduled league play over the course of two weeks. IGBO League Members should consult their IGBO Representative or President for information on which two weeks apply to their local league.

Summer (June/July)

The Summer 2018 Mail-In dates are:
June 10, 2018 through July 7, 2018
Scores are due by July 20 ,2018 with results released in August 2018
Summer mail-in tournament benefits: IGBO technology and infrastructure team
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Summer 2018 Results: Scratch | Handicapped

Fall (October/November)

The fall 2018 Mail-In dates are:
October 18, 2018 through November 10. 2018
Scores are due by November 17, 2018 with results released in December.
Fall mail-in tournament benefits: IGBO Mid-year host city
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Fall 2018 Results: Scratch | Handicapped

Winter (February/March)

The winter 2018 Mail-IN dates are:
February 3, 2019 through March 2, 2019
Scores are due by March 10th, 2019 with results released in April.
Winter mail-in benefits: IGBO annual host city
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Winter 2018 Results: Scratch | Handicapped

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